About Us

Having instituted QDynamics Global Corporation, a reputable and globally acknowledged company, Dr. Delia Maceda, a Nutritional and Environmental medical doctor, now extends her vision to meet one of her objectives in improving ones’ health, making healthcare benefits (through natural and alternative approach) available to more people through the Quantumin Wellness Center.
* * *
The Quantumin Wellness Center offers an experience where guests are given a wide array of carefully curated wellness treatments from head to toe. Personalized spa services showcase the warmth of Filipino hospitality. Professional and licensed therapists perform every specialized service on the body to melt the stress away. Different relaxing and pampering massages are offered to benefit the immune system, blood circulation and energy levels. Dr. Delia’s signature product, Quantumin Plus, is also applied and used, which helps boost mineral levels in the body and is known to contain antioxidants that nourishes, detoxifies and protects the skin.
* * *
Quantumin Wellness Center is an accessible oasis for people seeking an escape from the stresses of urban living. It is a place of complete relaxation, located ideally and priced perfectly so that wellness is always within reach. A true and holistic approach to one’s health!


Our Team

Dra. Delia C. Maceda

CEO and President

Jennifer Soleng

Nurse Practitioner

Mariah Erica Patawaran